First post. Tors removal question.



First off I just wanna say hello and am excited i found a forum for us blaster owners!!

I just bought my first atv 2 months ago and its a 2000 blaster. My upgrades so far are an FMF Fatty gold series exhaust with a Fmf POWERCORE SILENCER. Also i removed the top air box lid and added a K&n filter. I rejetted the main to a 260 from the 230 stock and have been running a 44/1 premix gas because thats what the previous owner was running.

My question is on the TORS removal. This is all new to me so be nice.

I printed the instructions that JLSPARKY7 posted which seem pretty easy but i want to know if I do this, will I need the VITOS tors removal kit? Whats the point of that kit and do I really need it to remove TORS? Is there any risk of problems if I just do what was mentioned in the tutorial? Sorry...this is all new to me and dont wanna funk it up.

Is there anything else I should know before i do this?

Thanks peeps!
there is a write up on here that has pictures and words that let you know how to do this

Yeah i know that thanks. I was actually reffering to that tutorial, but thats not my question.
oh sorry, lol, the TORS removal kit from vito's just gives you a new idle adjustment, the best thing to do will will have long run benefits is get another carb, plain and simple, it will work better, tune better, and be better for future upgrades, ebay is the easiest pl;ace to find them, alot of 125's and 250's use 30-36mm carbs, my friend has a 125 i might see if he is willing to part with his carb if your interested