Mar 26, 2007
like the topic says, 5 times some fool tried to steal my blaster. until finally i got fed up so i let my dogs out on him the next time he was in my garage.....
he must be a fool because he came back this time he got caught trying to steal some other guy's dirtbike in my neighborhood and he got caught on the road with the dirtbikes in his truck, i saw him being put in handcuffs from my window which gave me sh*ts and giggles.

if you want to say if anybodys been trying to steal ur quad or how many times that would be good.
i had some dickweed try to steal my 3 wheeler a couple years ago.we caught him after he had the thing beat to sh*t and painted black.we had it fixed so it works now.
None of those problems around here.
If I saw someone attempting that type of crap, let's keep it short and say I'd kick his ass.
or teach ur dog to bite chuncks from his ass, i think the retard who tried to rob me had drugs in his back pocket because my 2 german shepards bit him in the ass instead of his arm.
very nice. my cuz an i went fishing one time an we snagged something an well he jumped in like a crazy biotch an sure as sh*t it was a trike.