Finally spring!



So what do you guys think of the nicer weather? Are you riding more? Im loving the 70 degree temp. around here.
The weather here in Missouri is really nice. We are at about 70-80 everyday. Its been raining though. Too bad my Blaster isnt running!
It's been around 75-80 degrees around here lately. I've been riding everyday for the past two months but it had to rain today. Guess the blaster needed a break anyway's.
i kinda like the snow , i like to go really fast and hit ice, slam on the rear b rakes and turn, but the hot weather is kick ass too
Where I live, It feels like spring still, cus its wetter than normal.....

...and thats what she said! lmao
its a little to hot here to ride everyday i gtoa take breaks gets wicked hot on tht tihng with my helm nd sh*t...its 90-100 degrees here everyday..has been for 2 weeks kinda sucks a bit