I have a set of Vforce3 reeds with spacer, A 30mm Keihin style carb with power jet it is a 28 and has been bored out to a 30mm and a full FMF exhaust. I am selling this stuff becasue I am up grading to 240 kit with larger everything.
I have put about 3 tanks on these parts. The carb and reeds were bought new and the exhaust was is used . The silencer has some dents and scratches on the end of it from tipping all the way back. The Expansion chamber is in PERFECT condition.

The carb cable on the carb is NEW btw.
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150 For the exhaust
100 for the reeds
100 for the carb
If I dont sell them on ebay. I'll get back to you they are practically new so 100 is as low as I can go for now.

So if I bought them a and put a tank of fuel through them they drop in value 60 Bucks? Wow, They come with a trenga spacer.
I had the carb built for me by a place called fuelteknology so it was not cheap. Its a custom Kehin stlye carb with a power jet that lets you add and take away fule from the main jet by turning the screw on top of the throttle body. The shipping is not included but is only gonna be about 10 bucks if that.
I also have a complete top end for sale best offer.
What do you have to have done to get the most power out of the carb. I've heard that you don't want to just go and throw a new carb on.
Well, all I had done was the pipe and the reeds. The carb ran greatwith that setup. It gave alot more power.You should at least have a aftermarket pipe for the carb to work to its fullest potential.
Alright I have a Toomey B1, so I should be good. The only drawback for me buying is...how is the money transaction supposed to happen. I'm sure as hell not just gonna mail you some money.
What kind of reeds? And what was the power gain...if know it in mph or HP i don't care I just want to know that I might be gettin something good. I'm gunna talk to my rents tonight and see what they think of this. Or if I should just go and look at diff ones. I'm attempting to make a nice TT or street quad out of this. I'm lookin at reliabilty too, is it gunna hold up cus you said you had it customed, did that do anything to the integrity, you did say you only put 3 tanks through it.
I'm keeping the reeds. The carb was built professiaonally. It is a keihin carb with a bigger bore and a added power jet. It has worked flawlessley for me and will for you I'm sure. I use paypal and I'm an adult with a good rep. you can check out my feedback on ebay.My member name is suzuki250r27. You can even buy through ebay because all my parts are up for auction. Yes I have has 3 tanks through it.