Exhaust and Jetting



Alright, so I am the second owner of this blaster and there is a Toomey B1 system on it. How do I check if The thing was rejetted? How do I check for new needles? I just don't really know alot about this and I've been reading alot of the posts, and there's all of this stuff that I'm like," What do I do?"or my quads, Jacked.
Sorry for this newbie questioning?
Ok well you pull the bowl off the carb an the main jet will be gold it will be right in front of you face can't miss it, it will have a number stamped on top of it. Tell us what the number is. After you crank it up an hold it full throttle to keep it running let it shut off an check your spark plug an tell us what it looks like that would help us alot.
I can't even really start my quad right now so I wont worry about it right now
It could be the problem why your quad doesn't run now? If it's the stock jet with a pipe an whatever other mods it could have possibly leaned out.