epoxy glue for grips?


Mar 26, 2007
i almost got killled when one of my grips came loose, i use scott grip stick glue but its hot here so my grips heat up and the glue gets messed up.
i heard someone menitioned using epoxy glue on grips.......... i do not want to buy saftely wire, how good does epoxy glue work, and would i have to cut my grips off after using expoxy to get them off or would an airgun work?
Once you put that stuff on they're stuck on. Be careful too if you have a twist throttle. Here is a funny story. My buddy bought these new grips right before we went riding and he put them on right after we unloaded the bike's, he couldn't wait. Well before it dried we took off and about 5 minutes later he was at top speed with his feet dragging on the ground because the end of the grip glued itself to the end of the handlebar. To top it off the idiots piston to his rear caliper was broke so no rear brake. lol..........This was a 250sx he was riding. I damn near pissed my pants because he is a good rider and he paniced. He ended up pulling the clutch but he had a brain fart and it was funny.