engine ticking


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Aug 14, 2007
i just rebuilt my motor. Started it up in 7 kicks. Now there is a ticking noise coming from the head. What could be the problem?
not much,dit you shave the head?? or maybe check your spark plug , did you get a new one is it gaped,if evrething is fine dont worry about it its just the ring taking their place just do a nice breaking on the engine and evrething should be fine
its still stock motor and i bought a new plug, but i never checked the gap. The ticking is noticeably loud. I hope its the rings because i dont wanna have to take it all apart again!
well have you check the spark plug cap and wire , maybe the fire is jumping on to the head,but like i told you new motor have thats thicking sound,have you replace the rubber thing on to the head and cylinder if not thats why you here thats sound louder!!
what are they for i dont have any on mine and it ticks too?
they are sound dampeners.. They soak up some of the engine noise.. Mainly the ticking..