Engine oil low after ran for little while


Jul 29, 2007
Hi y'all, I have a concern about my blaster. I seems after I've rode it for 30 minutes or more and the motor has cooled down for quite some time and is on level ground, I look at the little sight glass on the rear brake side of the motor it shows no oil in the little sight glass.I've put more oil in to bring it back up soo I'm wondering if someone has that same concern. Thanks,blasterman312
Well as oil heats up it thins. so that would make it drop. To be sure there is a problem you need to know how much oil you put in. There are seals that go into the crank area and it could burn the oil there. Does it smoke really bad? One other thing the plaster should hold 3/4 qt. Change the fluid and add 3/4 qt, then ride the bike and drain it back into a qt and see how much you lost if any.