engine noise


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Sep 17, 2007
upstate new york
hey everyone..I have just recently bought a 2004 blaster. its the first two stroke yamaha that i have owned... so far i am very pleased but io do have a few questions about some engine noise that is making me a bit nervous.
at low revs and mostly when the engine is starting to bog down i hear a loud tapping( or clunking) from the engine..its almost like this maching doesnt like to go slow !!!! what would cause tapping or clunking from the engine ?it only seems to make engine noise at low revs ( just putting around a trail) when im almost at a point where i should be down shifting.. is that sound normal?
im a new owner of a two stroke machine so any feedback on this topic will be appreciated
FYI, blaster engines are notoriously noisy. Maybe you just need to down shift sooner than you think.
thanx for the input octane...i think your right,im not use to the blaster and today i went out for a good length of time , and found that the blaster is a sweet lil machine as long as i keep it a little reved up and stay in the power band.. i have had a few two stroke bikes but the blaster does seem to be a bit on the noisy side, im getting use to it though.... !!!!!
yea they are known to be alittle noisy. Have you noticed the black rubber pieces on the head of the cylender? These are there to reduce that noise.

When I bought my CT 240 kit it comes with a new cylender and head (shaped a bit different). the head doesnt have that rubber and it sounds even louder.
if you run low revs in too high of a gear your piston will tap the side of cylendar walls, and that isnt really good to do, if your gunna run slow, keep it in first, or under just under the powerband in second...which is kinda hard...but..you'll figure it out if you want to go slow...but yah...they dont enjoy slow :p
YEA...that slapping of the cylinder and piston is what i was originaly talking about ta begin with..now that i have had it for a few weeks , i am getting the hang of how to keep the power band wher ei wat it !!! but that tapping noise at first had me seriously worried !!! thanx for the input everyone...btw...I love my blaster now that im getting use to it..it sure does throw ya around when ya want it to !!!
Lol yeah I wasnt used to revin it high either then my dad told me you gotta keep the 2-strokes nice and reved up. But good choice on buyin a blaster!
i assume metellica does becuz it says he has a 03 in his sign. wow it lookes like people don't wanna read anymore lol!