did i just buy dirtbike bars?

they are pretty good for jumping too, i was gonna race but now i just found out i can't so i'm not sure if i will buy a stem or spacer since i only ride on my track in my backyard.
Even though you bought dirt bike bars, they look really good! That's also unique. You probably won't see too many others with those baby's. :)
yeah most of the blasters i see have stock handlebars maybe they don't think its worth it but it is!, when i took my stock handlebars to put the pro tapers on i noticed a crack in my stock handlebars if i didn't find that problem, that would have been a total fatal atv accident because the day after i was going up north towards kinda rough trail riding i'm talking bout hills with whoops while going down, large jumps,bicycles,wheelies,and hardcore racing. for some reason i think me buying my aftermarket handlebars helped me discover the problem which saved my life or pain.
just saying my close encounter towards a bad ending.
Yea that would of totally sucked ass, hate to see someone get hurt doing something they love, I have had a couple close encounters that was like woah how the hell did i do that without this completely breaking
What I hate is when you do somthing stupid and realize it when its to late and then you think "god dam im stupid".
nah it was not that stupid, because my friend can cut my steering stem and make it longer, he works on stock cars so he will do a good job.
they are really good handlebars though, on all of my blasters i have TAG and pro taper dirtbike bars because i seem to like them.