CrankCase and KickStart


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Sep 30, 2007
Leonardtown, (Southern) Maryland
Hello everyone. I am glad I found this site.

Today I bought a "new" 2001 Blaster. It already has FMF Fatty Gold, alum wheels with holeshot tires, grab bar, white suspension, and much more.

When I got to the guys house, it didn't start. He claims he hasn't riden in a year. Well, when I got it home, I pulled the carb and cleaned float, immediately started right up. That was the exact problem.

Next issue...gear oil flowed like pee out of the bottom of the crankcase. I pulled the right side crank case cover off (kickstart side). All oil came out of it, more than the 3/4 quart someone claimed it should have. Anyway, needless to say, gasket was all messed up so I pulled and scraped that off and waiting for a new one. In the meantime, I'd like to know how the kickstart goes back on. I have a general idea but the tension spring has me for a loop. I don't know where it goes into, there are several holes where it could potentially go but still not sure.

Any help would be great! Thanks.
Yes oil is going to come out when you take the clutch cover off, if you didnt drain it out of the drain plug first.

The blaster is a wet clutch.

As for the kick start Ill have to look.
Ok i looked at my manual. Right above the kickstart gear is 2 holes the top one is for the bolt from your case cover and the lower one the spring goes into. Hope this helps. The only other thing i see that would be an issue is they are saying that the kick stop needs to seat into the crankcase groove. which looks like it is about position 11 o'clock. Then a clip arm seats at about 3 o'clock position.
Here's the next question:

Does anyone know any tricks to make it go on smoother? I mean, everytime I take off cover, I have to jiggle the kickstart to mesh with the other gears. This in turn creates the problem of the tension spring and the retainer clip moving, hence the problem of getting it exactly where it needs to be.
superglue to hold it together??!?,, haha just kidding umm what you could prolly try is having 2 people do it i found it easier with a second set of hands to rip apart and put in a new cylindor and piston. just a guess though
take the kicker off of the shaft and put the shaft part with the spring on first, put everything where it needs to be and then slide the cover on, then put the kicker back on, you will never get it on while the kicker is still on the side cover