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i rode my blaster to my neighbors house yesterday and we were going to tear it down this weekend to redo my 400.00 blaster and i came home and i went over his place to go over how we are goin to do this and wamoo look what i found.


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the keyword is rode, it over there yesterday and never expect to see it down to a frame
damn that must have been a good surprise for ya. it would take me and my uncle liek half a daay to strip my quad down if we had his tools
i just stripped my quad down to frame in about 3 hours only working 30 minutes at a time.....its very simple
sorry i typed crappy. i mean it would take me 4 hours, my uncle 2 hours.
it would take me half a day to take the whole motor apart. my uncle can do it like a king
it took him a hour and a half. heres the list swingarm extentions, 14 tooth front sproket, 4in wider axle, new rear shock, bumper, grab bar, fattypipe and silencer, new cables, flybars. some of this stuff came with the blaster some i bought and some from my neighbor. i may widen the a-arms