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Jul 28, 2007
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I was thinking, instead of telling people that are running a limited budget, with a stock/near stock...even modded blaster, to go get expensive aftermarket parts, we could think of some cheap/easy mods to do.

my input:

Drill Holes in Airbox lid, or remove lid ( i dont recomend removing unless its good riding conditions, not muddy, dusty, sandy, etc.)

Repack your Aftermarket, NOT STOCK silencer with steel wool (there is a DIY on that already)

Clean your f-ing carb -- alot of people forget to do this, and its IMPORTANT

Aftermarket airfilter - i like uni and K&N -- around $60-$80

go to the 14/40 gearing - gives you more topend, and it will pull harder

Change your tranny oil periodically

Clean your quad if it is very dirty

keep your sealed o-ring chain lubed, and dont hit it with a pressure washer :p(cuz thats not good :D)

Buy Aftermarket Reeds - i recomend Boysen or V-Force - these can be rougly $100

Aftermarket piston - I REALLLY LIKE WISECO - this can be up to or more than $130 depending on what you are bored to, if you are bored etc.

Get your cylendar bored - im not sure of a price, i can do it dad taught me how cuz he owned a Yamaha 1989 :D

Duck your head down behind the handle bars for better air flow!! booya! haha

Oj! Holes for the back wheels if you wana rip sum dirt!! Or big tyres if u wana go fast!! Get a bigger carb and aftermarket reeds!! I dono prices in Irish!! :D
carbs can be expensive tho, its cheep mods, if u can make ur own airbox, im making one with my cousin it will b sic
I have not done this yet but you can install a Zerk fitting on your carrier. I will be doing this while my blaster is apart.
I would also recomend flipping the front wheels inside gain around +3 on each side by doing this..and going wider is always better..and best part of all its FREE!!!

Also as for the prices on the UNI air filters.. and Boyesen reeds.. I picked up both for around $ 30 dollars each at my local Yamaha dealer. Good mods for the money.

Also cleaning the inside of the gas tank is probly a good idea if your quad is older.. What i did was ...I took a 3\4 clear tube and connected this to my shop vac with some electrical tape..and stuck it in my empty tank and sucked up the loose crap by the petcock..( there was alot of sh*t in there, I was suprised ) Thats where most of the sh*t will be.. You can also just pull the petcock and clean from that angle..Make sure the gas tank is empty before doing this.. While your at it buy a inline gas filter ..they are like $2-$5 bucks depending on size\brand..and a good investment. Anything that helps keep debris out of your fuel and carb and motor is a good thing to have to help keep your bike running stronger and longer..
Jetting is a good one, it kan make some difference on throttle response and maybe a pony or too, plus jetting is the base mod for any future upgrades. Also you might be able to find a different carb on ebay or from that crazy guy down the road who hordes all kindsa machines lol for cheap
Just thought of some more sh*t to put up ---
Remove your TORS - it will help your reliability, there is a DIY on it -- it is riiight here -- How To Remove Your TORS - Yamaha Blaster Forum

you can switch your rims to a lighter type -- like right now - im running the stock rims they are pretty heavy, id say go to even a douglas rim or somethin... somthn light weight, like an alluminum rims
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If you are broke or cheap & have any down time due to rebuilds, weather, or injury . . .

-tear down your Blaster
-clean your frame and rattle can a good exterior enamel
-replace every bolt you can with HD cap screws.

We all know powdercoat, anodize, or chrome is best but a painted frame still looks better than an oxidized one. In doing so you will have time to catch frame cracks before it is to late and put any extra supports to stiffen your frame up. Besides the area around your footpegs, paint will last a good season.

With the bolts you will save on tools you have to pack to the park, new bolts save on time with repairs (depending on how much Loc-tite), and a clean frame just looks better with new bolts.

Hell you can get black gal. or stainless by the pound or kilo at most part or hardware store for pennies. Any specialized bolts can be ordered through NutsandBolts Inc. (800) 473-1890.

*cap screws are better to drill thru for those how also believe in safety wire!!*
A few more mods and basic notes. On an '02 the front rim trick works as well with out flush mounts.
Also the rear hubs can be changed with either banshee or raptor hubs to run bigger bolt pattern rims.
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lighten the flywheel for 40 dollars or even have the head shaved for 40 dollars.....both cheap an give it a lil more UMPH!!
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