Change the rear shock


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Jul 31, 2007
is there any specific way to change the rear shock?
do you need any specific tools?
side cutters and i think 2 14mm wrenches, or a 14mm wrench and a 3/8 drive ratchet with a 14mm short socket, and maybe a screwdriver and a hammer, and you'll need a new cotter pin and some grease for everything
I think he means wire cutters to use on the cotter pin, but you can get around not having to cut a cotter pin.

As for any specific way to change it, mind you I havent yet but this is what I presume;

1. loosen/unbolt the rear shock
2. remove rear swingarm
3. remove rear shock
4. bolt new shock to swingarm
5. bolt swingarm
6. bolt top spring to frame

Mind you I havent done this yet.
bc i have a warrior but my dad wont let me take anything from it so it wont work so i could swap t he shocks and the warrior could still b driven. it is rarely driven but he wants to b able to drive it
No it won't fit unless you was to grind some off the blaster shock. Because in order for the warrior shock to fit the blaster you have to make a bushing for the top an use some washers to fill the gap.
o so its like a big deal then.... is there any shock that just bolts right up to a blaster that has a ressy