Chain Slack



If any of you that have a service manual could look something up for me, I'd really appreciate it. I need to know how much slack is supposed to be in the chain per OEM specs. I started getting a bit of chain slap the other day and I want to fix it before I go to the ORP next week. If possible, it'd be nice to see if they have a proper way of performing the adjustment too. I know how to tighten the chain with the two adjustment screws on the back of the swingarm but I'd be curious to see if Yamaha suggests a certain way of doing it. Thanks!!

If you can't find the spec in the service manual I'm up to suggestions too.
1.18-1.57 inches.
Measure at the middle of the upper chain run in many different places while turning your rear wheels with the ATV on a stand, because the chain wears uneavenly you will find that the chains tightness varries. Check and adjust the chain at its tightest point.