Carb Issue.



I am new here and have a question. big nut on top of the carb thats holds the throttle valve is stripped how can we fix this? my ideas are wraping the threads with teflon tape and seeing if that would work or possibly just bonding the two together. what have you all done to resolve this problem?
Thanks in advance
I doubt you will get lucky and teflon tape work if its real bad. sometimes if threads are not to far gone you can take a small file and clean them up.. other than that you will probably need a new carb and if you are gonna do that you might as well go w/ an aftermarket carb. you may get lucky and find someone on here with a used one. btw does your carb still have the TORS on it?
What do you mean by big nut? do you mean the carb cap? or the idle screw?? Iff it is either one of those you do not need a new carb. You can buy a tors deletion kit witth a new carb can get them on ebay for 50 bucks and it should solve your issue..
Sorry I am new to blasters what are TORS? It is an all stock 89 so I am sure they are on there.
TORS is a system installed on factory carb that is supposed to shut down engine if throttle sticks open it will have wires plugged into it on the top of the carb. I think TORS stands for throttle overide sensor. I think he is talking about the throttle cap not a screw.
Well if the cap stripped you buy a TORS delete kit which is just a new throttle cable and new throttle cap and idle screw..So check to make sure the threads on the top of the carb is not messed up and go buy a kit on i mentioned they go for 50 bucks shipped..I acctually just bought one a few days ago..
If its just the carb cap and not the threds on the carb. then you can buy a tors elimination kit like stated earlier.