can anyway ID these a arms?


Dec 7, 2007
Picking these arms up tomorrow, like to know exactly what they are if someone has an idea. Will get some measurements when i pick them up tomorrow. They were on a blaster but i believe they are banshee arms of some kind. Thanks for any info you guys may have!
I've never saw a set like that before. They almost looks like someone "made" them fit.

The angles that the shocks are at don't look like much travel will happen.

How much do they want for them??

I hope someone else chimes gut feeling is to tell you to save your money and steer clear.
On the upper a arm about 2" from where the arm bolts to the frame, looks like a weld, thats NOT good!! And it is missing the spacer that goes between the mounts on the upper arm!
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I m looking better at them bolted up to that Blaster, the upper a-arm mounts are a complete hot mess. No spacer with the long bolt, and the far side of the pic, it looks like it's bolted to the back side of the mount!!! Not good, safe , or worth it boss.
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definately homemade, they took the balljoints and frame mounts from stock arms and pieced them into some hacked nonsense. and look at that 2 inches of ground clearence :eek:
Looks dangerous, so lets name them ObamaCare A-Arms
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The guy is trading me them for a few factory blaster parts. I was wondering the same thing about what kind of spindles and hubs those were myself. I wouldnt pay money for these i assure you guys, i could see that there was no center in the top a arm.