Contest! Win a new Factory7 Exhaust!!!

You're in the top 20 because you have posted a lot.
The forum sorts the users by how many times they have posted.

why am i in the top 20? i dont have ablaster and i dont wanna hurt anybodies chances that has one that would kill for this pipe
im in the top 20 aswel and i've only been on here only for a little bit........
I'm in the top 20 but i won't win it haha would be nice so i can take the FMF off an throw that on since i built a MX bike
Hi everyone,

I did something foolish with this exhaust and ordered it without taking into consideration the color. I have just sent it back for complete refund and I will let the winner chose the color (to better match their blaster) before I re-order it again. As soon as full credit is received (2-5 days), a winner will then be chosen and will get to chose between the following colors: Gunmetal (the color it first arrived in), Bubblegum Pink, Candy Red, Electric Blue, Flame Red, Flame Yellow, Gloss Black, Psycho Green, and Silver.
1.) You sign up at
2.) You post as many posts as you can
3.) After 2 months of posting, I will select the top 20 posters
4.) They will be entered into a drawing for the pipe
5.) The winner will be drawn randomly
6.) The winner will recieve the brand new exhaust within 2 weeks

Its on the first page. My guess is the names in a hat method.
the top 20 posters right now

User Name Posts Reputation Avatar
Can't Stop, Won't Stop! 574

Can't Stop, Won't Stop! 524

Moderator 518

Addicted 459

On A Roll 269

On A Roll 217

Advanced 161

Advanced 137

Advanced 129

Advanced 126

Advanced 109

Advanced 107

Regular 95

Regular 89

Regular 85

Administrator 64

Regular 52

Regular 50

Regular 49

Regular 46
In this list, there's some member that haven't been here for a month and over, i would be mad if one of these member would win cause their never here, they have more post than me but i'm active and they're not.
it will be fro the admin to decide, i beleive he will make a good decision since hes a good admin!!!!!!!!!!!!