Contest! Win a new Factory7 Exhaust!!!


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Apr 12, 2007
Thanks for checking out this thread. I will explain to you the rules and information about this exciting contest. First, let me tell you what you are playing for!

A BRAND NEW Factory 7 Exhaust system!!!

More information can be found here:

This exhaust kit sells for over $300! It can be yours for free by winning this contest. Now you know what you get. How do you get it? I will tell you...

1.) You sign up at
2.) You post as many posts as you can
3.) After 2 months of posting, I will select the top 20 posters
4.) They will be entered into a drawing for the pipe
5.) The winner will be drawn randomly
6.) The winner will recieve the brand new exhaust within 2 weeks

This is a posting contest. However its not to see who can post the most. Its to see the top 20 posters. The winner will be drawn from them. All you need to do is be within the top 20 posters and you are eligable for the pipe!

There are some rules. First of all, you cannot have more than one account in the top 20. Having 2 accounts doubles your chances of winning, which is not fair. Second, the posts must be relevant. No spam, no worthless posts. I will review your posts as the contest is going on to make sure you are posting good posts. Thats about it for the rules. If you have any questions, PM me or reply here!

is this actually real????? if it is damn i'm gonna like this but how do youlet us know if we win?
Ya its real! I will probably draw names out of a hat or something and then just post who the winner is. I will PM the winner and tell them. Oh and I forgot to add that if we dont get at least 20 posters then this contest is not on. The whole point of this contest is to get members and posts. Oh and you can choose the color of exhaust silencer also.
i'm not trying to boost my numbers or anything but are those good as my LRD pipe or better? and do u want me to get more people to join for u?
Factory 7 (phantom) pipes are some of the best out there as far as balsters go.

they walk all over FMF, DG, and Pro Circuit
Ya the reason I picked the Factory 7 exhaust is because of the great things I hear about it. It sounds like its one of the best out there.

and do u want me to get more people to join for u?

Yes! lol the whole point of this competition is go gain more members so if you have any friends please tell them about this website.
Wow this is a great contest! I am in. Hopefully it doesnt turn into spam wars or something lol.
Yea, nice contest and a great way to kick-off.
It's about time I run into a Blaster forum.

Let me know if you need help w/ graphics or anything.
I own a digital media co here in MO.
Wait a sec...
Factory 7? Cool... I heard they're good, from up above. No literally, up above. Posted above this post.
Ya we here at are pretty amazing!
can i transfer some of my post from another forum? i have 29,000 over there:shock:

BTW, cool concept.
well whoever wins this pipe cuz it's not gonna be me cuz im anewbie r u interested in selling yuors PM me when this whole thing is over.
Contest Extended!

Hello fellow members,

I would like to announce the extension of this contest for another month. Due to a two week long downtime/maintenance, a lot of members did not get a chance to post as my as they would have like to. Having that said, everyone as well as new members like Ragen37 :) have a chance of winning this thing. Good luck and have fun!