Blaster (YFS200) Real Yamaha Shop Manual


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Nov 17, 2007
i took it on a another web site but i was thinking it could be helpful for us!! enjoyeI:II:II:II:II:II:II:II:II:II:

Edit: New link here
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I had to pay for that dammit!!! Where were you 6 weeks ago???

Great post, should help everyone.

Hard to believe they actually wrote over 250 pages on a Blaster!!


BTW, it's not the same as a paper manual, there ain't no grease stains or worn sections and dog ear'd pages!!!
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You've seen them before, it's just the way they wind up. I was sitting there and I had all the parts to make a motor. The only issue was the cyl was well used. So I chucked my new piston and rings and stuff on and slid her on. When the cyl went over the piston I noticed it was real easy. Once she got bolted down I looked at the top and no sh*t I could see a nickel sized gap between the cyl wall and the edge of the piston. I would say she was about 75% of the rings thickness. So I figure she will go bang and I can tweak out the bike. That has held true. Now I know it will not last and has no great seal, blah, blah, blah. It just is what soemthing I did to get a step ahead.

I sorta need the dam thing to die to rebuild it this spring. The rings sealed way better than I thought and the cyl walls were polished.
We shall see, but, not a practice to be followed by anyone that can't enjoy rebuilding a motor at any given point. There is no reliability in what I did and it may cause more damege.

It did however tweak out the whole system, the ride is good to go, so if the motor roaks I just need to swap it out and have at least one to do it with.

You know, any of you folks get down here ever wnat to hang out I'd really appreciate it. I am way better in the mechanical end of these. I like to ride, I just, well, I'm kinda a puss. I like follow the leader and can do pretty good. Anyway, anyone needs a getaway, come on down to Va. I got a place you can stay and places to ride.

thats is actually first exact thing my dad and I bought before starting the rebuild (on CD).....not much detail and so our mechanic bought us a clymer manual for us (worth it)

I suggest printing her out, I find it's alot better to get greasy finger prints and sh*t on my paper manual. My key board isn't as fun and blood is a biotch to get out of the keys.


rr97guy, my bad, didn't see it. I did a reply and will give you a call in a day or two. Schedule is fubar at the moment, but, I too have alot of Blaster work. Got the tools and what not also, maybe we can get together and whip a couple out!!

Sorry for being rude.