Blaster vid


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May 11, 2007
Well here is 2 vids before my blaster blew up, i was just messing in the dirt gettin my shifting down for drag racing.

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u gonna do any other mods to it while its apart or just gettin it honed n new piston n rings...
Porting an head milled. I'm trying to decide rather i wanna keep MX'ing it or build it into a drag bike.
DRAG!!!!!! but that gets kinda boring after a want something that will go quick around the track and even quicker in a straight
Yea i was thinkin about it, or i was just going to go with a full drag port setup with boyesen boost ports an a RDZ out of frame drag pipe.
if you got the money i would go all out drag pipe n all the shiz...
That's what the RDZ is a full drag pipe, full drag port, 39mm carb converted to alky, head shaved as much as possible, flywheel lightend 10oz
Man if you ported cylinders for 120 dollars for any kind of port job you could live off what you make. The way these people get 300 -500 dollars for porting from people is crazy, i'm gettin mine done for 180 dollars for a full drag port which is really cheap but this guy does it for a living nothin but blasters an banshee's an i tell him what kind of setup i'm going with he will port it just for the setup where it will run the hardest with that setup.
everyone around here with those kinds of skills are greedy, they dont wanna teach anybody anything ya know, i would happily hone cylinders all day and do all the B*tch work just for some experience ya know
man i kan even diamond hone cylinders, <thats kind of tricky, not too bad tho and really nothing to brag about, but ive wanted to learn how to port for the last 4 yrs and everyone ive asked for help was like, i kant help you just have try try and try again
Try, Try, An try again is very costly, you need to read on how much to angle your exhaust an intake ports an what tools to use.
Once you know what tools to use an how to angle your ports you'll start to get it, i was thinkin about porting my own. just a clean up/trail port anything more serious i would have it pro. done.