Blaster topend shipped out


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May 11, 2007
Well i shipped my blaster cylinder an head out for aggressive MX porting an head milling can't wait to get it back! so i can tear sh*t up twice as bad now. Lol
change ur sign dude! and i don't think your blaster will rip as hard as mine jk lol it might
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Where did you send it to get the work done? Before and after pics would be cool.

RB racing in michigan does excellent work form what I hear. They will be doing my porting when I blow my top-end.
i'm having flotek do mine, specializes in 2 strokes, he ports nothin but 2 strokes for a living mainly blasters an banshee's.
Why do some people have 2 green bars beside the rep power an others have 1? i haven't figured that out.