Blaster Tire Sizing


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Apr 1, 2007
Okay, so I don't exactly understand the sizing issues for tires on Blasters. I am used to cars, having to keep the same tire size, otherwise it throws everything off, excluding low profile tires.

I see on here that people have different tire sizes, for example, 18 on the back. My OEM tires are like 18x10x8, so my question, then, is what tire sizes will work on my Blaster and what is affected (if anything) when changing the tire size, either bigger or smaller?

This won't only help me, but it will also help other visitors to this forum who want to know the same thing. Your help's appreciated! :D
well a bigger tire in back will give you higher top speed and lower acceleration. But for my blaster i run a 18x11x8 just because that is where i like to have fun i like to have the get up and go power, but it will also lower your top speed so it is what you would like more. And i like the flat and wide tires cuz the skin big round ones that come on the blaster tend to help you tip over if you try to ride on two wheels or somthing. But thats my 2 cents.
I 3rd the flast mx style tires... I cant wait till i have the cash to get a front set of Kenda Klaw MX's to go with my new rears, those things kick ass.

I have 18/10.5/8 on mine now and im lovin the acceleration
shorter rear tires will usually help your handling, and lowers your gearing so you might get a little better acceleration. Personally I think blasters are geared low enough as it is, without putting shorter tires on them.

A couple more things to consider here, ground clearance and ride quality. Taller tires can help you out a lot depending on where you ride. If the trails are rutted up, rocky, muddy, etc, 18's aren't a good choice. They ride real rough because they don't have much sidewall to soften the jolts you get from the rough terrain, and that lack of sidewall can also put a hurting on your rims if you ride in rocks. I don't know if it's an issue on the blasters because of their size, power, etc, but on the bigger bikes 18's are really prone to coming off the wheel without beadlocks.

For the average rider, I think 20's would be a better all-around size, you get a smoother ride, your top speed won't suck, your rims won't get so hammered, you are less likely to get stuck, your skid plate won't get pounded as bad, etc.

One more thing, most 18's are designed for mx. Mx tires usually wear out pretty damn quick, and are 2 plys so you'll be more prone to getting flats.
Sounds like pretty much everything is covered. One more helpful tip is 1 front sprocket tooth = 3 rear = 2 inches on rear tires

So if you had 13-40 gearing with 20 inch tires and wanted to drop to 18s without changing gearing then you could either.....

Change gearing to 14-40 or 13-37
for trail riding, 18's are way to small. I spank my swing arm skid constantly even with 20's. That extra 2 inches will make a difference.
i think my rears are 21-11-8.....and my fronts are a size smaller then stock.....but the acceleration isnt to bad....just depends whats ur doing