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blaster not so master

My blaster takes off fine if I rev the crap out of it. But if I just try to take off slow and try to get going it just bogs down. Its really hard to explain. But once Im moving in higher gears its fine, just taking off is the problem. Somebody please help. I don't know to much about repair. Thanks
sounds like you are in too high of a gear but if you are in first then i dont know but there are some very knowledgable people on here.
same problem happend to my friends warrior your problem is your years are f*cked up....most likely you should check that out first
!!!!!!! that happened to me this morning....i kicked, and ready to shift into first, and it started to bog down, what i did, was take off my carb, clean it, took my "air/fuel" pilog screw, turned it all the way in, and backed it out a turn and a half, or turn and 3/4. and adjusted my idle until it sounded smooth, then a quarter turn back in, and it ran fine again, if it isnt that, it could be a cracked/broken reed, bad compression, but make SURE YOU CLEAN YOUR CARB, and if you were burning a lower octane fuel than 93, go and buy some racing fuel, or some of that "STP" crap that has jet fuel in it, it can clean your carb pretty good too, so if none of this works, take it to a repair shop to have them evaluate your problems