blaster pipe

your going to get alot of difference in opinion here. Ive had experience with LRD, Paul Turner, Toomey, FMF, DG

and Id have to say the DG/FMF are probablly the quietest Ive used out of the box and had least amount of power gain also.

why do you want a quiet pipe and silencer? If your looking for it to be quieter repack your silencer.
i am after a quiet pipe because the stock one is sh*t and its black (i don't like it in black) but i don't want a pipe that is much louder than stock as i will be having probs with the cops and other people if its too loud

does any one know about lrd or F7 pipes how loud are they and how much of a gain do you get cheers
well take it like this they are quiter than a drag pipe, i only have one neighbor out of 4 complain about my pipe. the others don't care.

i'm not sure how much louder my LRD is than stock but they ain't as loud as a stock car or anything

whitch pipe has the best performance and is still quiet for "nearly legal" riding in Germany?

And what is the difference between:
- a FMF Gold Series Fatty Pipe and
- a FMF SST Gold Series Pipe?

Can I use them with the stock exhaust?

dude you nicked my thread but i forgive you lol does anybody know the db of a stock blaster pipe and the db of any aftermarket pipes thanks
In my quad dokuments are 86 dB while standing and 79dB while riding with my stock exhaust and pipe registered.
Sorry for killing your thread:">, but can nonethless anyone answer my questions?:)
well DG and FMF are the quite ones and the ones that don't give ya much

go with FMF the differencee between a FMF Gold Series Fatty Pipe and
a FMF SST Gold Series Pipe is the shape but its mostly the same.

if you want it to be quite all the time repack it evryonce in a while