Bearing kit and seals?


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Oct 29, 2007
Anyone know of a good source for a whole/all bearing and seal kit for the Blaster?

I can only find the seals and crank bearings.

Well if you start by removing the tors, that should solve the whole seal problem. So you can reuse the old ones. lol
You can get a complete seal for $50.00, the ones that we sell we have had great luck with them. We have tried some that are below average on wear, but were cheaper. I have yet to find a complete bearing kit for a bike.

That's what I am finding. I did a complete seal kit with both crank bearings, but that's as close as I got. Looks like I gotta get the part #'s from Yamaha and do the one at a time thing. Figured I'd check here first.
BTW, do i "know" they are bad and need replacing? NO.
But, I spent more on parts for this motor than the rest of the parts, which will yeid two and a third frame with a couple parts.
There are not any full bearing kits for the blaster. only crank bearing kits, and seal kits.

Obviously there are a couple of ways to get all of the bearings.
3. do a google search for bearing manufactures and buy direct. you will need all of the # and letters off of your old bearings and they can get what you need, Ive actually found a company a long time ago but dont know who or what there web page is anymore.