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Nov 22, 2007
i caint believe yamaha had the balls to send me a raptor 250 dvd after the got ride of the blaster. today i got this dvd about the raptor 250 its so small and they think its better then the blaster or something like it wasent enough to just get ride of the blaster they had to send me a dvd to remind me about it!!!
ahh, talk about balls i'm at war with these kids that think a raptor 250 is 1 million times better that the blaster i always own them even on a stock blaster
the suspension n chassis might be but u can upgrade and still be less money than a raptor, n a raptor is a 4 stroke. enough said
i know but if you look at the rear suspension looks like it came off a cheap thing not so much front shocks and talk about small!!
...i dont like 4strokes....i only own 2 4stroke things right now --- my spyder (my car) and my 400ex (which i got for free cuz the kid thought he blew it up, and idn't wanna spend big money to rebuild...and he didn't even blow it up..he didn't turn his gas on...which im nto gnna tell him :) ) and i rarely ride my 400ex....and i dont haave a 2stroek car to go barreling down the road on lmao...
2 strokes rule amd the 250 raptor looks bit cheap and feels cheap when u ride it and i don't think the suspension is that much better that a blaster and the engine realy lacks