Banshee Swingarm


May 22, 2007
Tyrone, PA
OK so im sittin here chekin out all the odds and ends to build custom swing arms and it nails me, anyone ever tried/succeeded or thought about a banshee swing arm in a blaster, swing arms are easily modifiable AS LONG as the welding is done by a SEASONED pro and the structural integrity is taken into account, ive read a banshee swing arm measures 8" over all width at the mounting poit and a company called JJ and A makes various machined pieces for custom swing arms, just a thought, nothing like getting the ol wheels turnin
Im sure if your good enough with cutting and welding you could do it. But extending the stock blaster one by cutting and adding a section, its not to hard.
It sounds crazy enough to work. In using a Banshee swingarm you will incorporate the shock linkage. Giving a progressive flex to your suspension. It will change the feel of the quad. Might have to try different setups with your shock.

Myself I have begun fabin' my own +3+1 a-arms and +2 swingarm. I am going a different route by using new mount points to use Yfz 450 shocks. Just need to get the shock kits and +4 axle.