Banshee axle and Carrier



im running without rear brakes and was going to buy ebay brakes but now im thinking about just buying Banshee axle and Carrier and brakes (my current axle is bad anyway) im looking at
then all i would have to weld would be tabs for ms and reservoir then i wouldnt have to worry about where to get pads at. would this bolt up to my swingarm and isnt the Banshee axle wider anyway. sounds like i would get more for my money. since blaster brakes cost just as much as this setup. thanks
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sorry i have a 99 blaster also my front arms bearings are shot on both sides and i have drum brakes. i wonder if i just change out to Banshee arms what years would bolt up if i was to buy arms with spindles as a set. wouldnt almost anything work
Banshee arms wont bolt, and the banshee rear axle set up is worth it imo..I did an aftermerket GTS rear hydro brake and I wish i went wit the banshee rear set up just for the ease of things..I had to modify my frame for the aftermarket kit.. which was a bit of a pain..but its on and it works pretty well.. You can buy pads from the GTS store tat sells the aftermarket brake kit if need be..but obviously getting banshee brakes are easier.. If i had intentions of keeping my blaster for a while I would have spent the money on the banshee rear set up ( I think? ).. But either way you go..there will be some modding along the way..But if done properly both brake set ups work really well..
Also if you do decided to go with an after market brake kit like the GTS if you dont win the banshee axle carrier set up.. I have a rear blaster axle in awsome condition that Id be willing to sell for around 50 dollars..Figure 150-180 for the GTS kit would put you around the 200-230 for the axle and rear hydro brake set up...wich is about the same in costs, as long as the banshee axle auction selling price doesnt jump up in the last 2 minutes of the auction..which wouldnt surprise me..So if you consider the aftermarket kit I have axle if need be.. GL with whatever route you choose..:)