May 22, 2007
Tyrone, PA
I pretty much made this thread to apologize for anyone ive pissed off in my short time of being here, i realized i get single out alot because i have a four stroke, i joined this forum because of the community side of things, not what its all about, although i know alot about the main subject here, but again I APOLOGIZE for being an ass, so if you wanna out the past behind it, hit me up with a reply, if not, whatever
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yea i apologize for insulting you in anyway.i have to admit me and almost all of us were acting like little kids, how bout we just agree it don't matter hwat kind of quad u have 2 stroke, 4 stroke, honda,suzuki etc. quading is supposed to be about having fun riding or riding with friends.
"Negative nancy" LMFAO!!!! i've never heard of such a thing in my life, i'm going to call one of my friends that if they have a negative attitude about something