anyone know if these tires will work? 22-11-8



i have a set of Rear tires that are brand new off my old wheeler,the tire size is 22-11-8,the stock blaster tires on it now are size 21-10-8.anyone know if they will fit on rear blaster stock rims?
Common sense says they won't fit bro...
There bigger.. And the the tires are tubeless.. You wont get a seal!!

Hope this helps!!
well they might work im not to familiar with atv tires, i know the rim size is the same,please no bashing comments!
yes, blasterman, you are right... only thing you gotta watch alot ski, is this : if it fits..the tire is gunna be a little bit bigger...and you are gunna have to be careful if you have stock heel guards..cuz they are close to even the stock tires if they are pumped up a litttle too much, so just watch so it doesn't hit anything, you could try it...but ill look it up tomorrow, i can't right now or i would, very sorry --- ill get back to you later on this! --hope it helped a bit
they will rub bad, because my razr 20"'s did it, ruined my rightside plastic thing thats connected to my heelguard
I just checked my tires and they are in fact 22-11-8s. Ya and that plastic heelguard on the rear brake side wearin out on mine too
you can always remove the heel gaurds but then its more risk of get hurt... i do not have the plates, platic gaurds only the pegs on my blaster