Anyone feel the need for alot of pics?


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Oct 29, 2007
Not sure about pic uploads or if anybody even cares. I just tore the whole motor down and can chuck up pics of every step. Basic like, give a picture and manual that doesn't make any copyright or trademark people get pissy. I am asking Owner/Admin. types if I can upload a ton of pics?

If I get that OK, does anyone feel a pretty comprehensive pic and description would be cool?

What I am thinking is say a pick of the kick start and a fair description and then anyone that has any input or tricks or mods pipes up.

Seems like a good add to the help forum. I didn't want to upload a monster pile of pics and diatribe without some form of approval and need.

Man i posted a TON of pics of my rebuild an sh*t on this site they don't mind just put it in the how to section
A how to section would be a great place to post them with description. It would definitely help some people learn of parts,etc.
well this dont have anything to do with blasters but does anyone no where i can download a shop manual on sea doo jet ski i just got one that needs some work. but every site i look at they want to sell 1 to you i just wanna read it lol.if you can help me thanks
Old fart, I dont mind giving you a hand with whatever you could use help doing. I think this is a great idea, and im sure i can learn a lot more by doing it. Im fair with most parts, so i should be able to help pretty well. Also i have the other shop manual, so i could always refer to it for helping name parts and stuff.

Just let me know man!

I:I for a good idea!