anybody want me do a how to on steel wool


Mar 26, 2007
like the topic says does anybody want me do a how to on repacking ur pipe with steel wool? i would need to know because i don't want to do a how to for nothing if it does not help anybody.
yes i found out from my uncle that steel wool would work better in a aftermarket pipe rather than fiberglass shreds, and it would last forever except sometimes you would have to spray it out with water to clean it on the bright side its cheaper for the people with not alot of money, its only like $4.50 for two bags of steel wool. i have money to buy expensive stuff but other people do not so i find ways for people to save money easier. ohh it would work for a 4 stroke aftermarket pipe too.
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Hmm this sounds interesting. I say go for it.
ok sounds like people would like it, i'll start today but which thread should i post this how to?
Sounds like a good one.
When you make the how-to, create a new thread and title it.
I think we should add a How-To/DIY section as soon as we have enough of these.

BTW... show us what size allen wrench to use.
Resize what, pictures?

Go to "Start" > "All Programs" > "Accessories" > "Paint" and rezize or crop your images there. Adobe Photoshop and similar programs are not required for such simple adjustments.

If that doesn't work or you still need help, I'll give you my email address so you can email them. You must first try what I mentioned above -- it should work.