air filter

cleaning your airfilter: first use and air blower on it, if that doesnt work damp it in gassoline. thats how i always clean mine, using gas.that works with foam filters
PJ1 makes a complete line of products for your situation and they come with detailed instructions right on the can

they have foam filter cleaner and oil and it komes in rather big aerosol kans
yep dont use gas use warm soap water,and use air filter oil (yamaha brand its not expensive but dont put to much just a bit and rub it thats will do the trick) less than 5$
i got a free dvd about this stuff called no-toil any one ever use it its for dirt bikes but it should still work right? i may just get yamaha brand insted
the PJ1 products are like 35 bucx for both the oil and cleaner but you get more than one cleaning out of them, im willing to bet you'll be kleaning your new airfiltyer before the PJ1 runs out, its an A+++++ product and EXTREMELY simple to use, i have personal experiend with it and it NEVER failed me