Aftermarket carbs

im putting a 42mm carb on mine with the stock carb it dont get all the fuel it needs.
42mm carbs are what they put on 440 twin cylinder snomobiles, have a 200cc quad, the biggest carb you would ever need with modrate mods wiould MAYBE be a 35mm, depending on what your mods are i might be able to help ya better, and someone here might be able to help ya better than me
Ive never heard of a 42 being able to bolt up to a blaster. You would need a pretty big adapter/rubber tube that would narrow down so small that any gains by using the 42 would be minimilized. Im not saying it couldnt be done, but Im just not sure if it would be that much more benificial.

The question here should be what makes you say your not getting the fule you need?
We will see what happens i getting my blaster converted to achonal and some other mods.
Man that 42mm will never work, your not going to find a intake boot to fit it an fit the blaster, the biggest carb ever put on a blaster i seen was 39mm an that's fully modded, I can tell you right now it's just not going to work your wasting your time.
42mm carbs

Are you sure you are getting enough fuel through the fuel petcock? I replaced the fuel petcocks on both of my Blasters with a 1/4' Pingel petcock purchased them from Trenga racing. the fuel flow was much improved. stock Blaster fuel petcocks are junk they clog easily. 30mm carb is the biggest you should consider on a stock Blaster. install reed spacer kit with these and new reeds also. 30mm carbs I bought were real hard to get into the airbox rubber flange. I had to use a hair dryer to make rubber pliable enough to slip over carb flange. good luck.
I plan on making a intake for it and im going to get a different pitcock I dont know why you ppl dont think it will work!! I have been building all different types of engines for years. I have worked with metal for years!! Anything can be done if you have the time and money i dont care what you ppl say.