a fast ?



would i beat or keep up with a stock shee??

+3 stroker
v force
34mm carb
fmf pipe with core2 will change to B1 afterim done with motor work
port job
flywheel lightin
mill head
240 kit
+3 stroker
34mm carb
aftermarket pipe
mill head
14/38 gearing
and it will probable beat 1 it will beat a 250r trike with those mods
with all the mods i have a stock banshee thats been jetted and a aftermarket fliter can beat me in a straight but when it comes to hill climbs i take the lead
u can probable beat a stock,stock shee with no mods at all with a couple of mods done to the blaster like port work and bigger carb and a pipe
i would say it would bae a close race...but u'd prolly win...lol but remember it 95% rider and 5% bike.....i 've out ran my brother heavily modded shee...in about 300ft....but thats just because hes not someone that races often