A Bid Farewell


May 22, 2007
Tyrone, PA
well everyone i no longer have a quad, it has been Repoed to say the least, my uncle whom i was buying it off of sold it out from under me dammit, so now i have nothing but a few parts, a few pics, and alot of memories..., at least i get my money back that i paid, so thats a start... but you kan tear around on money
dammm that sucks,how long til u rekon u will have another one????.......
Well Mr. Cochise if i do remember correctly you are the one that made the statement that blasters are a dime a dozen, well you better go get a blaster have it ported an walk all over 400's
ima stick with my 4pokes as you boys like to kall'em , im eyein up the new 450 series, the LTR and the Can Am are lookin pretty good, but i might hang on for the 525 KTM, then ill be stompin mudholes in just about everythings ass