9" or 10" rear rims

Same here, when i said i like a wheel with a shamrock in the center, thats kind of what i was referring to was a wheel like the second picture.
Ya I really would like either a polished pair or maybe paint mine red (the previous owner did black rattle can and it's peeling/chipping off, it looks terrible. That will be one of my mods in the future though
They will either be polished, black, or an anodized gold like the factory gold Banshee wheels. But if I paint them black I might want to paint my frame black because it's still silver, however it might still look ok beings my motor is painted all black. and I really don't want to rip apart a perfectly running quad just to paint the frame black.
With 10 inch rims you would probably gain some more clearance on the rear skid plate.

maybe I’m crazy, but I found a nice set. Rears are 8’s. 9’s Defiantly have more tire options. But I’m good with the razors.