30mm carb vs. 28mm carb


Just curious, I thought i read here that the 34mm carb was cheaper than the 30?

So with the bigger is better theory wouldn't that be the way to go?

yea, random but i ordered from dt dyno, i payed for 1 power reed and 1 sprocket and they sent me 2 power reeds and 1 sprocket, i felt so lucky lol
well, i have removed airbox lid, hi flow filtro, reeds, pipe, and silencer. peppy, but i want more. thinking of going +3 crank and maybe mill head/ port & polish. are my current mods sufficient for a 34mm, or do i need to do some more stuff first.
The 30 will work with your mods along with the stroker stuff too if that is the way you have to go. But the 34 can work.
what kind of pipe are you running...just running a great pipe with the 34 will improve you quad alot. just make sure you change your intake so that the 34 gets enough air. where in pa do you live?