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i just got ahold of a 1999 blaster. the guy that i bought it from got it from a guy that built it he said that it has a 250 kit on motor. my question is how would i know if this is true he said 110otane in it only at 50:1 it looks like a stock engine but i can tell theres a little more power and band kicks in different than my last stock blaster im going to take hole machine apart and paint frame it was very abused and has brackets welded here and there for lame rear brake conversion that now has a bad master plan on getting
also found these nice nerf bars and handle bars (my handle bars now are bent from a tip over)


it is running very crappy right now i need it tune it up im not sure which sparkplug to use if he redid motor would i need a different plug and if he did wouldnt the head be different heres some pics of the bike


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well you should run it 32:1 more than likely, second if it dont have an ngk plug on it than it prolly aint running the right temperature but just do some basic procedures, cant be nothing big
Going by the pics its not a 250. that looks like a stock cylinder to me. He must have meant that he had it bored .050 over. The cylinder should say 195cm on the bottom of the cylinder. 195 is a a stock cylinder.
well people bore it out completely and stick a sleeve in it and run it fine, alot of 240 kits dont come with a new cylinder
oh i see the kits not just a new head its a big bore sleeve piston ect. cool, i can tell it has a little more ponies then my old stock blaster. im in the process of clean and adjust right now. its running rich and wont idle. a good cleaning and adjust of the carb should fix this. then plastics and tires and i'll hit the hills for a weekend. it did have a different spark plug i took out a champion RN3C went to yamaha and got some yamalube and ngk b8es should this be ok if he did do a 250 kit will i still use a factory plug at same gap or would the kit make the plug different (i dont see why it would) next ? about 110 blue gas. i have to drive to ohio just to get it. or wate until a race and buy it there. at $58.00 for 5 gal also. this will be a problem. im going to use premium gas with octane booster. will this make my engine carbon up fast and if i do race it and put blue in at race will i have to cal. my carb everytime i change gas. one last question what do you guys think about the brakes off ebay (link at top of page). Has anyone tried them. i dont know if i should go with them of 03+ brakes like orignal owner did. i like ebays cause i dont need any new mounds welded it has bracket to attach to foot pegs where last guy welded crappy mounds. i want to remove these and change axle cannister (he cut it and welded a tab to mount caliper looks very crappy). thanks for help u guys rock man i need a cramer guide before i mess something up
br8es will work fine, from the pictures it does not look like it was taken care of very good,as the other members have confirmed there is not a 250 head, if you are worried about carbon build up premix with some maxima super m smokeless formula (i use alot more expensive oil but that will do) i think since that previous owner made a crappy brake conversion it might require fabricating or a little welding/drilling.

one thing that i'm wondering is what the hell is that thing at the right bottom picture next to the pipe???
im gonna try some maxima, i hear its very good, i use klotz super tech it smells good too lol call me a stoner lol
homemade Boost Bottle or u talking about the brake (brake lever was cut and extention welded on for master. man this is one scarry looking bike. but man its fast for a blaster. im going to redue bike from frame up. i have most parts ordered already from ebay. (new grab bar and bumber and seat going to take the sh*t look right out of it). im not planning on welding a bunch of stuff to it im going to remove the crap and replace it. ive been wanting a blaster for a while now (grew up riding one) and this one needs my help
i was planning on running 93 with octane boost and yamalube (already got 3 bottles today) at a 40:1 mix should i use 32:1 instead (what would be the advantage of this. thanks
i think 40:1 is a good bet, but if you feel that running 32.1 go ahead it won't hurt it, just make sure your engine is getting enough oil
wait u said 40:1 is a good bet and then u said make sure it is getitng enough oil for 32:1, 32:1 is a richer oil to gas mixture