240 kit worth it?



Is the 240 kit worth it? Im thinking about getting a Vitos 240 kit if i can source one since they are out of stock. But are the power gains worth it?? I hav seen a few differnt 240 kits and the Vitos one seems like the best bang for your buck, I figure ill have a full exhuast by then and I will just need a larger cab and i should be set.. But im wondering what kinda whp numbers we are talking here...Id like to hear from the people who have 240 kits..If you dont have one..or have never rode a blaster with one..please dont comment..
well they claim it doubles the HP
the blaster has something like 32 stock

check ebay for the big bore kit
they have the sleeve kit for about $250 usually but you have to get that all machined in
A blaster has 16 hp stock. vitos claims their 240 gets 32, they don't get 32 though. The 250$ dollar sleeve kit is not worth it, it gives even less hp than the cylinder kit and by the time you have your head and cylinder moded for it it will cost the same. Personally i would recommend a good port and polish before you buy the vitos. Its a lot cheaper and puts out more hp than the 240.
depends on any other mods.

Flyers is correct on most of that. Particular like if you have a plain Jane Blaster. If there are other mods like a bigger carb, a good exhaust then port and polish will only get you so far. On the other hand, stuffing a ton more cubes in there and not having the proper system around it is a waste.

So in most or many cases, the 240 kit is a good idea. I think most Blasters have been mod'd before one pony's up for a 240. However if you have a rather stock Blaster, your nickles would be better spent on other things.

If you want real power do both. Get the 240 then have it ported. I recomend flotek, he does some amazing work at a very cheap price. A vitos 240 with say a 34mm carb and a pipe will make less hp than floteks porting with a 34mm and a pipe. Ive ridden and raced a vitos 240 blaster and i wasn't that impressed.
Check out flotek. http://flotek.everything2stroke.com
Supposingly my current stock head is Ported and Polished.. the PO sent it out to get done when he blew the head N had to rebuild it..Regardless its not fast enough..im not sure if a 240kit will keep me happy either..If i do it im buying the cylinder kit and a larger carb and i will have a full exhuast so i will have all the components needed to go along with a 240 kit for best results..

I'd like to add, if you spend a fiar amount of coin, get good parts. Not that I think Vito's are bad or anything, just know your budget and make it all work.
I will be going on a pretty cheap upgrade. If I had more money I would look at other kits. I guess the only comparison I can draw is from my gunsmithing days. You have the core unit. You can spend serious coin on making the machine perform better and you can spend alot on making it look and feel better. Most folks don't or can't do the whole thing. I opt for the best workings I can swing. I carry a .45 that cost more than my Blaster and all the parts I just bought combined. It will go bang evrytime I pull the trigger in any conditions, I bet my life on it.

I ain't building a toy to that standard.

My point is Vito's is the most cost effective. It is not the highest performer. You need to balance out what you want with what you can afford and pull off.

My path was clear, I will upgrade with average parts that are replaceable (sp?). Make it work and then I can tweak with it if I want. I will never race for money, or have any need out of mine other than fun. If you want speed out of a Blaster that makes your eye lids flap you are gonna spend some money. I'm cool with that, it's what most of the cats on this are into. On the other hand, for about the same money a wicked hot Blaster costs to make up, you can buy machine that's a whole lot faster. It's also heavier and other things, again it's a balance of what you need/want.

So im wondering if i go with the vitos 240 kit.. and Port and Polish the cylinder, Run a 35mm carb jetted to spec.. and a full exhuast.. if ill be able to double my horsepower from 16 to 32.. you guys think its possible... If i can do that ill dish out the money and make it happen.. Im only down to do this if there is a substantial power gain.. What do you fellas think..
Well I'm not sure if you would get 32, but a port job on a 240 with a 35mm carb and a good right hand exhaust should give you a huge power gain. Enough so that you will want to get some shocks and put either wheel spacers or a arms on the front. Some after market rears to.
i got the ct racing sonic kits its fully ported and i run 106 octane,on the dyno it made 36.5 rwh and i was still fat on the jetting side, and the guys told me i as dyno like 4or5 vitos kit and he never seen better number than 29rwh with 110 octane, just my 2cents
yeah that understandable.. id be happy with 25-30hp.. I do not want to run race gas though, that is a bit over board in my eyes for the kind of riding I do..I wonder if i port the vitos kit..and possibl bore it out if i can break 30.. either way if it close to 30 ill be happy... id expect it would feel like it hauls serious ass compared to how it runs now..

when you did you 240 was it a huge improvement over your previous set up?
Don't bore out the 240 unless you have to. It wont make enough hp to notice anyway and you can only go so far before you have to replace the whole cylinder. The ct kits are great and will produce a lot more hp than any vitos set up.
i got a lot mor top end compare to my stock ported set-up buti lost som bottom end and i miss thats,and if you want to be close to 25to30rwh you gonna have to run race gas if i was you i go with a verry good port and polish job and shave your head 25mm,and go with a 30mm kehin carb,ajustable timing plate set at +4,and g3 reed,and yz125 cdi box for thats extra rev,a good air filter like uni or k&n,and a good right hand side pipe,with thats set up,your looking at around 25rwhp and a lots of tork and verry reliable kits thats going to cost less than a ct240 sonic kits and still be able to kick som ass and still run pump gas and do the block-off thing thats mandatory pre-mix is the way to go 32to1
now are you talking about the vitos 240 head or the stock head?
Couple questions

Shave the head "25mm" or is that a typo???

That's .98 of an inch, no way, dude.

Why do you feel you must run race gas? To max out the potential? Plenty of motors in this class and with these kits run pump gas.

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ok my mistake i forgot the 0. shave the head 0.25mm. any motor thats got 160psi of comp and up should run race gas to max out potential and to avoid pre ignition(pinking) and destroy the engine, at 160 psi comp run gas and you will loose horspower and your motor is going to run at least 10to15 deg more hotter and auto destroy it self 10 time faster .on the other hand run race gas you will get at least 3to5 more horse power and the motor is going to run smoother and cooler trust me !!!
Nah, I hear ya..

I understand about gas, just was wondering your history on it. Also, what's your stand on the reed spacers? Seems like a bigger intake/runner as I call it would be a benefit for the big bore, too?

My end was by not shaving the head the compression will remain in the upper end of pump gas, still a little warm, but will work for the riding I do. I'm not climbing uber walls or a flat out runs, more of a put around the field kinda guy.

It's that I'm teaching my son to ride and will have one built for him in a year or two. His will be stock. So his little 75# ass will smoke my 200# fat ass all day long.

Not gonna happen, Daddy gets a big bore to haul his around and will pray he can beat the kid.

I had a no fear sticker once.....

Anyway, just getting to know my way around these particular quads.
well i have done a lots of trial and error on reed spacer and for my self i stay away from it it dont do much,and for the head you are right stick with stock head and you should have no prob, your compresion will stay the same as stock but then again dont do 240 kit if you dont want to use race gas cause it will do you no good using a 240 bore with stock head , you will lose horspower and the motor going to over heat faster,go with port and polish thats will do the trick!! and your are looking at almost the same amount of horsepower and more bottom end
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