200cc's of pure hell/o



the title says it all....200cc's of pure hell/o....hahaha.let me know what u guys think of this little red and white machine


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1 word: sexy
2 words: holy $hit
3 words: oh my god
4 words: i want that blaster
thanks i gotta rebel flag seat cover...its one of those gripper seat cover ones....its real nice and helps...just put it on 2 weeks ago
ohhh someones got jokes.....i was gonna go with the pink with flowers but i decided a nice flag would do the trick
it holds up great....i ran like that up there in october of 06 and it ran awesome......it'll did everything i tried.......it even jumps awesome with that +6 swinger
Yeah seriously, that's a flippin' sexy Blaster. The colors do look cool. Have you thought of any other mods than just those? lol! :lol:
prolly a billit basket....hotwire....front bumper....sprockets....400ex rear shock that i have to put on............that'll prolly be it
where did u get a confederate flag seat and how much, i'm kinda a rich hillbille so i'm wondering.
my brother got it for me for christmas...he got it off of ebay...its a gripper seat with a flag on each side......i didnt really like it at first but it kinda grows on ya....lol