2 new forum section ideas!


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Mar 26, 2007
Southeastern, Mi
A how-to section with either uploaded pictures or videos would be nice. I can post pics of how to do a rebuild in a few weeks when I put in my bigbore kit.

Also a product review section would be nice. Where people can leave feedback of the upgrades they have purchased with the pros and cons of each.
Those are things we can add when we get more activity. If we added them now there would only be a few posts.
I got the idea from the sportbike forum I am a member of. The moderator just has a thread with a list of how-to's but he makes them links so you just look through the list, you dont have the scroll through pages of info.
I can help you with that video posting part.
We can use YouTube and I'll show you how, or you can email the videos to me...

Are we going to have a How-To section here?
I think it would be awesome! It can only draw more people in.
Search engines, links, etc, etc.

jlsparky7 said:
Ill start working on some how-to's now.... Hoprfully ill figure out how to pist videos...
Another idea: Other Quads Discussion Section
I have another qaud that isn't a blaster, its always good to variety. Besides, more discussion never hurts.

As far as a how to, I'm rebuilding my top end tonight, Im going to do an average joe style writeup with pics. This way the less experienced can rebuild their own top ends, at home, with everyday tools :)
Some steps are common sense, such as removing the tires. If you cant figure out the easy parts that are missing hten oyu really hsouldnt be working on your quad :-/