1999 yamaha blaster forsale



i have a 1999 yamaha blaster that is blown up and needs bored 80 over and piston and rings.. also needs axcel bearings... i have over 1000$ in it.. i made it for racing.. im selling it bc im buying a dirtbike and need the money... 600$ obo

i wish i could get this blaster so i can swap some parts, but i'm really broke and i still have not payed off all of my blaster so this sucks.
oh and if you want me to beg my parents for this i won't becasue i don't like to use my parents money all the time, i have a oustanding list of things i have gotten in trouble for which i have to pay off (i'm not a trouble liker anymore) question on the blaster are there any bent things? how good does it run if it has piston and rings?
i havnt been able to sell the blaster yet.. i will take 500$ for it.. the blaster run REALLY well.. its all strate.. just needs axcel bearing and rebuilt
in the summer time i might buy it if u still have it and i can get my dad to pick it up for free
i live right in nj.if you still have it in like a month ill buy it or if your willing to part out let me know.i have a frame and am goin to build a mostly aftermarket blaster piece by piece but that would help alot
yes i did
like i said its a crazy coincidence that i found this blaster forum site outta the million out there
but yes thats my blaster now its sitting in my buddys garage getting everything fixed that barto didnt put the time into due to his money problems but yea barto 411 is one of my good buddys