1995 Blaster



I have a 95 Blaster 250 for sale. I got this in trade for a parts car I didnt need. It runs and drives good. The paint on the frame is coming off. The kickstart works most of the time sometimes you have to fiddle with it. Also the is no title or keys. I will give bill of sale with it. I considering all offers.


An explanation of why there are no keys or title would be nice.

Also your location would be helpful as well and an asking price.
I have moved several times since owning this and have misplaced them. As for an asking price, I see them going on Ebay for $600-$800. So I guess somewhere around there. I am located in NW Indiana about 45mins. from Chicago down I-65
where in IN??? i live in dyer so your probably reall close.....also how much for the s2000? lol
Dyer is only 30mins away. I live in Demotte. S2000 is worth 22k to me. Thanks. Let me know if your interested
what you looking for? want to get the g/f into it for cheap.....she's never ridden or used a clutch sp she'll probably blow it up lol....but lemme know