1988 blaster with intermittent spark can anyone help?



hi i have an 88 blaster that has an intermittent spark problem. i replaced the coil (i think its aftermarket and not a factory yamaha), and the cdi box. i was riding the quad and it died on me so i cleaned the flywheel and the stator and ir ran fine for 3 days till it died again and now i have no spark. can anyone help me or give me some tips on what to do? i am trying to get it running for my son to ride
i didnt replace the stator i just cleaned it. it is the origial stator. i had spark after i cleaned it. could it possibly need a new stator and coil?
oh another question what do i need to remove the t.o.r.s thing that is on top of the carb?
You should probably take the TORS off. I would replace the plug, the coild, the stator, the CDI. In that order its the cheapest way to find the problem. Replace them one at a time until your problem is fixed. First go through all your wireing and make sure everything is tight and clean.
ok well have a new plug and a new cdi box and all the wiring is in good shape. what is the nexy step? replace the stator and coil? also is there a kit i can buy to use the thumb throttel and eliminate the t.o.r.s?