18 in vrs 20 inch on an MX track


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Mar 26, 2007
Southeastern, Mi
My mods are listed below and im trying to decide wether I should move down to 18's for a little more torque? (im not 20's right now) Heres what I plan on doing for mods, feel free to make reccomendations.

.040 over bore with MX port and wiseco pistons
.020 milled head with 94 oct gas
Trued and welded crank
Paul turner mids
Ill lose the airbox lid
Gforce 2+2 axle on the way
For me, 18's are too small. My blasty never sees the track, only trails, mud, rocks and roots.

For a track however, 18's should be perfect.
i ran 18s on mine and they worked great.... if ur getting into serious racing u might want to buy beadlock wheels.. ive popped my tire off acouple of times