Heres what im thinking of doing......


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Mar 26, 2007
Southeastern, Mi
The mods I have are in my sig, I also have a g-force axle on its way in. I ride ALOT of trails and plan on hitting the MX course a couple times this year to see if I like it (which im sure I will), im a finatic when it comes to jumping. So here is what I was thinking to give my motor a low-end bite. I would also like to keep the shee a sleeper (keeping the stock look).

Paul Turner mids (get them bare metal and powdercoat them black)
Head milled .020 (plan on running 94 oct whats the most I can mill?)
Cylinders ported .020 over (with wiseco pistons and mx port job by rb racing)
Crank trued and welded
Removing the lid
15/41 gearing with an o-ring chain (im at 13-41 now and the gears are too short for mx)
Maybe a 33mm single carb later on

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Once I get the pipes im going to send the guts out to R&B and see what he reccomends.
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are you running stock carbs now?

Personally I would not change them unless you age going balls out!!!?