14 tooth sprocket

no you will prolly just have to losten the chain I put one on mine last week
how many teeth does the stock sprocket have? whats the benifit from the 14?..
The stock sprocket I do believe has 13 teeth.

The difference it changes when you go up a tooth is the topend speed is slightly raised but takes a little more to get to rather than going down a tooth it lowers your top end but increases your bottom end, resulting in a quicker machine but again you sacrifice one for another.
How do you guys like the 14 tooth sprocket? can you feel a noticeable difference? and dose the front end still pop up when you rip on it??
i noticed a slight difference. And i can still get it into a wheelie in 4th, then shift up through. It does pull a little better
when i put a 14T front sprocket on my blaster it pulled twice as hard as it did with a 13T sprocket an i had 20 inch flat top tires, it pulled really hard with 20 inch tires 14/40 gearing.
So I am asuming its safe to say with the 14 tooth sprocket, the gear ratio's from 1st-6th are a bit longer?? also are blaster 5spd or 6spd??
i just got my 14 tooth sprocket in the mail today
i cant wait till next week to try it out
Well I got my 14T sprocket and i went to put it on and it will not fit..I tried to adjust my chain tensioners by unscrewing them but it dosnt even seem like it did anything..Any advice?