'05 blaster boggs when i hit gas, need help! thanx



my 2005 blaster starts fine, warms up fine, and idles fine, but as soon as you go and try to start moving it boggs and almost stalls (unless you dont grab the clutch).
i've cleaned the carb replaced the spark plug, cleaned the air filter changed the gas and oil, can't figure out what to do next, and i really dont want to have to take it to a shop and pay some guy to fix something i could have on my own, if i knew what to fix.
so any help is appreciated.
uh, mine did that for a while, make sure you dont have a cracked reed, that wasn't my prob..but..thats a good thing to check for.
My problem was my needle on my carb, where it slides up and down in that groove, was all gummed up cuz i didn't ride it for a year and a half while i was at college 4 states away...so i didn't really come home often for my last year and a half..the other 3 years i kept comming home..but.... yah

Clean your carb again, and when you get it running, put some "103+" in it, you can buy it at any auto shop, i buy it in a small orange colored clear bottle, dont dump it all in, i only put like 1/4 the bottle in, maybe a litttle bit more. cuz the whole small bottle treats up to 22oz. so yah...i think it costs about $10 maybe more/less... but yah.. it works good for cleaning out your fuel system, and stuff.... uhh, make sure your piston isnt damaged. if none of this works, pm me, and ill know to check it over again
thanx for all the suggestions so far, but sorry to be such a newb, but whats is/are "TORS"?
tors stands for throttle over ride system, it is some gay sh*t yamaha put on all blasters. since urs in a 2005, u gotta just remove the wires, and then u gota splice the wires that connect to the carb
thanx for the help man, i'll see if that works, i hope it does gotta get this thing back in perfect running condition so i can sell this bad boy. thanx again.
mine was doing this to. It was a sensor on the parking brake lever. All i had to do was push it in all the way or pull on the clutch to get it running again.
mine was doing this to. It was a sensor on the parking brake lever. All i had to do was push it in all the way or pull on the clutch to get it running again.

thanx for the input, but considering i dont have a parking brake, i dont hink thats the problem.
well mine did that and i realized later that i had fouled a plug
my blaster is doing the same thing.. i haven't yet removed the tors, but plan on doing that this weekend, because like you i have done everything else.

the yamaha engineers are idiots for keeping this system....considering it gives everyone and their mother an f****n the same problem..[/B]
yea well the blasters arent in production anymore in the us dang that sucks
kinda hard to get the timing off on a stock blaster so we will just blame the tors.
yea i just started to remove my cousins off today and he stared cussing me, so i put it back on and connected the wires so it will bog lol thatll show him lol
Just disconnect the wires and dont tell him. He will never know.
yea, well i want him to have trouble and then fix it for him so i can say i told you so lol